The Ask

 The craft beer revolution has hit Canada with year-over-year growth exceeding 25% in some markets. The number of varieties available on-shelf is growing weekly.

  We believe in building strong brand foundations based on stories. The location for Shawn & Ed Brewing started life as a curling and skating rink in the 1880’s, a time when the province of Ontario was the industrial heart of Canada. We acknowledge this industrial aesthetic heritage in the branding.

The Result

PLAY developed the Shawn and Ed Brewing brand strategy, identity and packaging program, taking a different tack from what is fast becoming a “craft brew look” cliché. We forged a timeless identity and aesthetic born out of the brewery’s location and its deep roots in Canada’s industrial heritage.
Our identity system was built to accommodate name and special edition releases while continuing to build the brand equity across all products.

PLAY. A different way to work.


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