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PLAY can deliver analytics that tell you how your business is doing with social media, including blogs, so you can stop following trends – and start creating them.

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Practical in Print

PLAY keeps your business front and centre – right where people will see it. Traditional print advertising can get you the returns you need to lift your business to new heights.

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Perfecting package design.

PLAY creates compelling designs that get you found on the shelf. We know how great your product is – now it’s time to tell the world.

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Brand Development

Business at the speed of life.

Here are some of the things we’re up to.

Your marketing and advertising are affected by – and connected to – every aspect of your business. So PLAY offers an equally universal suite of services including Strategic Planning, Media Planning and Buying, Brand Development, Design and Digital (we almost didn’t single this one out, because digital is really just another medium today.) And of course, all these are deployed in service of our core product – ideas. Big, shiny, compelling ideas.

Our Services

Strategy and planning

The foundation of effective and engaging marketing is built on understanding the WHY of your brand. The “Why” is what motivates people to connect your brand story.

Through collaborative deep listening we help identify your “Why” and create a game-changing Unique Value Proposition. Our analysis helps us identify where opportunities exist to make your brand engage its audience. The PLAY strategic process takes brands through a vigorous process that unearths a key insight from which powerful, un-ignorable ideas are made.


PLAY is in the idea generating business. From insightful strategies, we craft engaging ideas that travel anywhere, in traditional media, digital or experiential. As a result, your brand will engage audiences in a conversation leading them to share and become your brand’s advocate.

Media Planning and Buying

The key to “fishing where the fish are” is to understand target audience engagement cycles and be there in the moment when people are making purchase intentions and decisions. We have deep experience in finding the best ways to tell your story within each medium from digital, to traditional to experiential.


People embrace brands that provide a consistent and useful experience. We understand how to use technology to make those moments count, whether it is providing utility or furthering your brand story. Our team works the advertising alchemy of science and art so that your brand’s digital journey is relevant and delivers a meaningful brand experience.

Brand Development

In our view, “brand” is the promise you make, and how you keep it. So, we collaborate with you to build your brand from the inside out, so your behavior is consistent with your promise. Like a good parent, we protect and nurture your brand. After all, it’s the most precious asset you own. Strong, honest, transparent relationships with our clients help us build brands holistically from their very first steps through their entire journey.


We believe people like good design. It gets noticed because it shows you care about your brand and how people experience it. Good design has a functional benefit as well because, through good design, people can intuitively connect with your brand’s value. We’re skilled designers with deep experience in packaging, print, digital and environmental expressions of brands.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Breakthrough strategic vision and unmatched creativity.”
– Ed Madronich

“Play was instrumental in helping launch Girls’ Night Out wines, one of the most successful VQA wine launches in Ontario history.”
– Doug Beatty

“Our partnership with play has been integral in creating a unique and positive FirstOntario brand image, and parlaying that into successful growth.”
– Kelly McGiffin

“We’ve been working with PLAY for more than a decade. They have been instrumental in helping position us as the top personal injury lawyers inour market.”